About Me

As a young girl my parents' dinner parties were always one of my favorite pastimes.  Not only did I love playing hostess, I relished in meeting new people and listening to their stories.  I knew even from a very young age that we have much to learn from each other's experiences.  Coming from different backgrounds and cultures is what makes the learning process even more enriching.  To date, I am more of a "people person" than ever; I pride myself in my uncanny ability to read and understand an individual's needs.  By staying present in every moment and listening through more than just a person's words, a true connection can be made.  I am continually evolving, always looking for new opportunities to expand my horizons, mind and soul.

Having just turned 30 I offer the best of both worlds- the beauty that comes with youth and the wisdom and maturity that follows with age.  I stand 5' 8.5", wearing a dress size 4 with a voluptuous F cup.  I have impeccable manners and am always dressed to complement my surroundings.  I value my health, maintaining a toned and curvy body with a variety of different fitness routines.  I enjoy many outdoor activities including hiking, golfing, boxing, horseback riding, any snow or water sports, skydiving and anything else to get my adrenaline pumping!  For a change of pace I can be found exploring museums, attending live shows, dining at culinary hot spots, reading the latest novel or cocooning up to watch my favorite movie.  Above all, travel is what delights me the most. 

I have a keen sense of humor accompanied by wit and a sharp intellect.  You will find me to be steadfast in my genuine character with unyielding integrity.  Lending a helping hand and sometimes putting others first are only part of my nature.  I enjoy building lasting, meaningful relationships for they add substance to my life.

Passport ready, my hope is to join you for an exhilarating night out, a romantic dinner, the excursion of your dreams or a simple business trip.  I am currently based out of San Francisco but would gladly welcome a trip to visit you anywhere in the world.