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Dec 4 2013 New Video!Category: General     03:34PM   0

Check out my first video!  www.youtube.com/watch

I've been a good girl all year, but even good girls need a spanking from time to time... Happy Holidays! 

Nov 22 2013 R&RCategory: General     11:32AM   2


View from the spa...  Can you guess where I am?

Nov 11 2013 Brain HealthCategory: General     03:18PM   0

Leave it to me to find more justifications to stay in bed!  I do everything in bed (pun may be intended), but I would say this reigns supreme. The visuals in the video really help to articulate the study's findings.


Nov 10 2013 Picture Of The WeekCategory: General     08:52PM   0

(the above picture is unedited)

Nov 4 2013 Picture Of The WeekCategory: General     09:14PM   0


This is what I look like in the flesh.  You are looking at a raw, completely unedited picture of me.  I'm ready to play... are you?

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