Can you send me more pictures that show your face?
Unfortunately, I cannot.  I have chosen not to publicize my face for your discretion as well as mine.  My face has been said to be one of my best physical assets, so rest assured that I am not trying to cover up any flaws.  Often people tell me that my pictures do not do me justice.  My pictures are current and you will not be disappointed when we meet.

What do you expect of me?
I ask that all pre-counted donations be ready on the bathroom counter in a blank, unsealed envelope immediately upon meeting.  If we are meeting in public please use discretion and have your donation ready in a card or gift bag.  With the business out of the way we can move forward without distractions and truly enjoy each other's company.  It is imperative that we never discuss any business during our meeting.  Please be a gentleman and always respect my time and boundaries.  If you would like to extend our date, please ask of my availability before our time is over and settle the donation before we continue on.  I will always be impeccably clean with fresh breath for our meeting and I ask that you show the same courtesy in return.  I do not allow photography or video of any kind while we are in public or in private.  For security purposes, I ask that you keep your phone put away during our private time together.  Failure to follow any of these guidelines may result in an early termination of our appointment without a refund.

Are tips required?                                                                                                                                                                                 Tips are not required but always appreciated and never go unnoticed.

Do you host?
I generally only offer dates to your location of four stars or more (no private residences).  With enough notice, I can often arrange to host.  A deposit is always required and extra fees may apply.

Why have you not responded to my email?
You may not have sent me a thorough introduction.  Please take the time to tell me a bit about yourself.  I will not respond to one-liners or one word.  If you have not put in the effort to write me a proper "hello" I will feel no enthusiasm to respond.  Additionally, be sure that you did not use any acronyms or write anything referencing illegal activities.  Any e-mails I receive with rude or explicit content will be automatically deleted.  I handle all of my own bookings and do not have an assistant, so occasionally it may take me up to a few days to respond to your email.  Thank you in advance for your patience.

Do you have a number that I may reach you on?
Due to my busy personal life and my many ventures, e-mail is the most efficient and secure way to contact me.  

Are references needed?                                                                                                                                                                           Occasssionaly I can verify you with your full legal name and employment details alone.  I need to be as sure of my own safety as I can be and screening with your legal name/employment AND references is one of the only ways to do so.  Likewise, while references are a wonderful addition to screening, alone they are generally not sufficient.  

What methods of payment do you accept?
For the 25% or 50% deposit I accept cash payment by mail and direct wire transfers to my bank account.  The remainder of the balance is due at the beginning of our date in cash only.  Established friends may be offered other options.

Are your rates negotiable?
No, my rates are non-negotiable nor do I pro-rate my packages.  Although I certainly hope you'll stay, if you must leave our appointment early the full donation still applies. 

How far in advance do I need to book?
Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for most local appointments but anywhere from 1-2 weeks in advance is absolutely ideal.  For travel appointments, the more notice the better.  If you are hoping to see me last minute I will try my best to accommodate you but cannot promise availability.

Do you entertain couples or women?
Yes, I thoroughly enjoy time spent with couples and women.  I have a knack for making all parties feel at ease and relaxed.  Entertaining couples and women is quite fun and exciting for me!  Please inquire about my couples packages.

Do you like to travel?
Traveling is what I live for!  I can meet you anywhere in the world with the proper planning.

Do you like gifts?
I'm a Taurus and we love material things!  Gifts are never expected, but always appreciated as token of your admiration.  

Do you have any piercings or tattoos?
My ears and belly button are pierced.  I do not have any tattoos.

Are you affectionate?   While I am an affectionate person I prefer to not engage in PDA for discretionary purposes- I like to keep the looky-loos guessing!